An Interview with Ms. Nickee

Did it take you awhile to learn the industry and figure out how to be a professional in your work?
Absolutely there was no one to ask when I started it was like everyone was trying to get their feet wet and build in their perspective cities so everyone was doing the trial and error thing.

What is your most memorable moment with a model? When I was doing a 2 day training seminar and the 3rd day there was a show and I fortunately was a VIP in the audience so I got to really watch the show, so some of the models had really improved and I was out there cheering and screaming and after she hugged me so hard and realized she had been following me online for years and always wanted to meet me. When I got home, I got this message… Hi MsNickee I’m sorry this message is so long. I wanted to talk to you yesterday but it was kind of personal so I didn’t want to talk in front people, so I figured I would just send you a message. I just really wanted to send you ask of my love and an excessively huge thank you. You probably don’t know but you were the biggest thing that got me through last night. I live here in Houston by myself My family is in Florida. My sister’s flew in town for the show. They actually ended up not coming (which they gave a thousand excuses for). When I looked in the crowd and didn’t see our hear them my heart shattered. It took a lot to not show my disappointment and when I walked out on that runway hearing your encouragement was the only thing that Kept me from tears. I would not have made it through without you and I really just needed to tell you how much of a difference you made in my life. I love you to life forever thank you so much. YEP I CRIED

The funniest, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm one day we were filming a class and the camera was left on after and the girls were messing with the computer they thought it was just LIVE not recording because there was no internet Nope it recorded them playing and acting silly and imitating me it was tooooo funny

How has the industry changed in the last 5 years? The change has been seeing fuller size models truly be recognized in the industry and being able to truly be seen as a professional, more designers designing for all sizes instead a specific market.

Tell us about the birth of Diva Day International. It came from me always wanting to model but never truly being seen, then when I studied ME and got ME together to enter the industry they couldn’t deny me because I was good, but I wanted to see more women like me so I set out to find out how can I fix this and thus Diva Day was born.

Who was Ms. Nickee as a girl? As a child MsNickee was always funny, a little silly but never taken seriously because I was the fat funny girl, that got passed over but noticed for being funny, until I learned how to dress and then I was the funny fat girl that could dress lolololol. I was always trying to fix a wrong, or root for the underdog and help them do whatever they wanted to do.

Who inspires you and how do you inspire? People who are authentic, people who look to share their gifts, a person who isn’t afraid to shine and help others shine. I dig people who look to engage and not toot their noses up, or judge without knowing. I inspire by being honest and authentic and always willing to lend a hand and sharing my story to let folks know that they are not alone.

Most exciting moment for Ms Nickee? WOW! My most exciting moment was when I was asked to go to Africa to do what I love teach.

Who’s your favorite celebrity? I don’t have a fav celebrity

What’s one beauty tip that you love by? Take your makeup off at night

What’s the most overrated part of the fashion and model industry? Cliques, Age and Size I don’t want to see a 16-year-old in a Couture Gown, you cant sell that image to me as a customer, I don’t want to look like as little girl as a grown woman. You don’t have to be a particular size to sell 95% o products on the market. Cliques are started by individuals who seek to manipulate and garner attention and are usually ugly on the inside, stepping outside the box allows you to be open to new and amazing things and people.

What’s you go to outfit? Black wide leg pants black, top heels and a cool jacket. if it’s cold
How do you chose what brands to partner with? I study their vision and mission and make sure they have great products, services and customer service.

Any exciting news for 2019 that your followers should know about? Yes, we are International, we may be a small agency but we are Well Connected and will be expanding our male division soon and we cater to ALL SIZE models not just plus, and to know us is to check us out not rely on what you heard. WE ARE VISIBLE for public research,,,, here say makes you cheat yourself SO TREAT YOURSELF and visit our site or google us you would be surprised at all of the services Diva Day International and MsNickeeTheBrand has to offer.

How would you describe your coaching style? I pour in to my students I don’t want them to be just like me I want them to be better than me.

What are 5 things you don’t leave home without? Cell phone, my JayJil lippie, wallet, business cards, and a great attitude about what ever I am heading in to.

Give your most successful branding tip? Be consistent, visible and early

What is the one thing you wish aspiring models would get or do? A true sense of self understand they have to invest in themselves in order to succeed, and get training.

What’s something fun about Ms Nickee that most people don’t know? I write poetry. I am silly for real and I LOVE to cook.

What’s your model pet peeve? Models who take pictures with their legs open. Models who been in the game so long they think they know it all but are still in audition lines. Models that speak on people without facts just to fit in. Models who don’t study their craft and don’t even know what to do on a photo shoot.

Final Words
I do this because I love this, I do believe that I am supposed to be a vessel and pour in to women. I believe that all women should know that there is someone out here rooting for them and that they are not alone in whatever situation they are in. I LLOVE WHAT I DO it allows me to help women because Hurt people Hurt People and sometimes, we truly don’t know how to repair ourselves and being around other women who are your cheerleaders instead of your haters is a form of internal healing. Loving yourself first, believing in yourself first, fixing yourself first is the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL relationship with YOU.

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