About the Magazine

Curvy Girls Slay Magazine (formally Curve Appeal Culture) is the contemporary source for all things CURVY. Editorials, fashion, health/fitness, and lifestyle tips as well as advice columns and testimonials that affect today’s curvy woman can all be found in the pages of CGSM. Developed under Pink City Corporation as the official magazine for the Curvy Alliance (formally Project Curve Appeal), CGSM is the publication that curvy women of all sizes will find intriguing, motivating and thought-provoking.

About the Photoshoot Campaign

#CurvyGirlsSlay (shoots) is an international promotional campaign produced by Project Curve Appeal in an effort to give the opportunity for PCA Chapters, Other Curvy Groups and individuals around the world a platform to shine, gain exposure and networking opportunities beyond their cities.

It’s also a recruiting campaign to meet and unite like-minded classy, confident and professional curvy women around the globe.

The campaign will host a variety of online and in person joint activities that the different chapters and affiliated groups will collaborate on and host around the same time.

About the Project Curve Appeal Movement


Project Curve Appeal is a membership-based, multi-chapter and multicultural organization dedicated to promoting, empowering and educating full-figured women to celebrate their beauty and embrace their curves while living a healthy lifestyle.  We are committed to developing, serving and empowering plus-sized women on a global scale.


Project Curve Appeal was created in 2008 by our parent company Pink City Corp. It has since morphed into its own organization and a full blown international movement impacting the world like never before. We are building an elite organization of full-figured and phenomenal teams around the country CITY by CITY to spread the Curve Appeal Movement.

Pink City Corp (formally Toyl Events) our founding company had a vision of establishing an organization that would strive to motivate and mobilize leaders and decision-makers to change society’s discrimination of women with Curves.


Our Mission is to correct the distorted perception of curvier women around the world, while empowering and educating them to celebrate their beauty, embrace and enhance their curves and live a healthy lifestyle.  By using accurate depictions of real women, and offering equal opportunities regardless of race, creed, or culture, Project Curve Appeal is focused on making a difference in our youth, women, and communities!

By producing local/national trendy, educational, and fun events we strive to of full-figured women to work together to build the movement.


One of the main misconceptions about Project Curve Appeal is that we are a “Plus Model Agency”. This could not be further from the truth. We are not an agency.

We are a national movement and we do have our own Brand Ambassadors called FOCA (Faces of Curve Appeal). FOCA are the faces that you see all over the website and on the promotional materials.   More important than a street team, the faces are the “front line” to the community and the examples of how women with Curve Appeal should carry themselves.  We also have women in our organization who just want to unite with an organization that is making a difference.  Our “SIS Members” are active supporters of the movement and help to carry out the mission without the “modeling” requirements.  All of our members are curvy, sexy, classy, independent, sophisticated, and healthy thick women who embrace their curves.  They are single and married women with careers, college students, housewives, mothers, sorors, entrepreneurs, business women, models, entertainers & so much more! If this describes you, we invite you to Join the Movement!

More on PCA at ProjectCurveAppeal.com