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For those that are not familiar with you, can you tell us who you are and a little bit about your background?
Hello everyone! My name is Aqila but mostly known as Mimi from @thefullersideofthings. I am a Motivational Speaker, Emcee/Host, Red Carpet Host, Motivational Speaker and Social Media Correspondent. I am also the creator of NetWerq Your Ass Off a brand building Seminar that teaches you the fundamentals of Networking.

One of the things you mentioned is that you are a motivational speaker, what topics do you speak about and what is the most moving moment you have experienced as a speaker while at an event?
I try to be as genuine as possible when doing Motivational Speaking. I have spoke about all the topics I am an advocate for. Body Positivity, Mental Health and Community Outreach. I openly speak about my personal experiences so they are relatable. I have been publicly Fat Shamed and I speak on how I’ve overcome that experience. I speak openly about having Bipolar Disorder and how I don’t let it define me. The most moving moment I have had was speaking at the @fatgirlcity Body Positivity Brunch doing the “Mirror Challenge”. I made people look in the mirror and face all of their insecurities like I once had. It was so amazing to see people gain their power back and see that they are beautiful inside and out!

Do you have any idols in the industry and if so who are they and why are they an idol to you?
My biggest Idols are Lorrine Ross the Director of the Miss Full Figured DMV Pageant, Gwen DeVoe the CEO and Founder of Full Figured Fashion Week & Tawana Blassingame the CEO of Queen Size Magazine. I have had the pleasure of working directly with all three of these women and they are the EPITOME of humble and nurturing! You would think them being Moguls they wouldn’t have time to answer questions but not these three! They have given me personal encouraging words that have helped me keep going. They are kind to their audience and always give honest advice. They are who I strive to be in my journey.

What is a “Social Media Correspondent” and how did you fall into that?
I got into Social Media Correspondence for a totally different reason. I did it just to help build myself as a Blogger (which honestly I didn’t want to do because I don’t like to write). I asked my friend and Professional Model Rae Nicole to take over her Blogs IG @curvyr2r for their Blog Launch. I fell in love with it! So I studied how Social Media works like the Antylistics & Impressions. Then as I gained clientele I studied how each and everyone of them post so no matter what the coverage/ content I post parallels with their brand.

What advice would you give others who want to follow in your footsteps?
I honestly will tell them that there is NO shortcut! So make sure you stay patient with yourself. Don’t compare your progress with someone else’s you don’t know what they went through to get where you are. Nothing rushed will last please trust that! Everything you do make sure its with Passion & Integrity.

What is the Netwerq Your Ass Off Event Tour About?
Netwerq Your Ass Off is a Brand building Seminar that teaches you the fundamentals of Networking. It teaches you things like how to say a proper Elevator Speech, Social Media Networking and Branding Tools. It involves interactive activities that gets you moving around and immediately using the tools taught to you and putting them into actions. Many people are so used to hiding behind Social Media that they lack the personable skills that is needed to make them ready to make connections when opportunities arise. My Seminar makes sure they do not miss any opportunity to grow their Brand or Promote their products. Also so many people think that they are entitled to success when that is NOT the case. You gotta get off your ass and get what you deserve!

What upcoming events do you have?
My tour dates are dropping soon! The first announcement is that I am excited to announce that Netwerq Your Ass Off will be in Charlotte NC April 4th At Veltree an AMAZING new Vegan Soul Food Restaurant ran by Chef Velvet Kelty-jacobs and Tree Kelty-jacobs. Then going to Raleigh NC to host Netwerq Your CURVES Off! It will be joining the Crusade of Curves line up! I am so excited to be working with my girl (another idol) Mallory B Richardson April 5th!

What are the most 5 interesting fact about you that most people dont know about you?
I tell all my business lol so I don’t know what to tell you all.
• I have really bad baby fever smh
• I want to relocate but I probably won’t because I get so home sick
• My family is a major cat family but I am kinda allergic to them but I still cuddle them when I see them
• I think i’m addicted to Slim Jims & Bacon
• I love every shade of pink…every SHADE!

Where do you see yourself and your brand 2 and 5 years from now?
Successful, Still Growing & Pouring into my communities on a larger scale.

Where can people learn more about you?
They can follow me on IG @Thefullersideofthings
Or visit my website


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