How did this happen? How did such a beautiful day turn sour just that fast? The sight of Theresa conjured up those bad memories…the molestation, the dancing, the drug use, the abuse, the days of being a date-for-hire. Sapphire shook her head and took a few deep breaths as she drove to Antonio’s house. She had to get herself together before she got there. No matter how fast she drove, how the sun was shining through the leaves of the trees, or what song she tried to blast through the speakers, she still kept having the flashes of negativity that Theresa had sent her way. She pulled up into Antonio’s driveway and turned off the ignition. As she looked in the rear-view mirror, she tried to wipe the tears that had begun to leave streaks on her face. Suddenly, she saw a figure standing there. She cautiously turned her head, prepared for the worst. Instead, it was the best…Antonio.

He looked down into the car at Sapphire with a big, wide grin plastered on his face. In his hand, he held Sapphire’s favorite flowers, calla lilies. Antonio was so handsome. He had strong features, beautiful mahogany skin, and a muscular physique. Not too large, but firm and chiseled. When Sapphire had first met him, she felt insecure about the fact that he was so Adonis-like and she felt like she looked like a fluffy marshmallow treat. He soon assured her, however, that he, number one, loved her mind and personality, but he also adored her full figure. He loved the way she looked like a perfect figure 8, the divine fragrance of her and how soft and feminine she felt in his arms. He had proved over the last two years, that he was being honest and that she deserved his attention and love, and more importantly that he deserved hers.

Antonio’s grin quickly faded when he saw Sapphire’s face. He quickly opened the door to help her out. As she stood he embraced her and asked her what was wrong.
“Oh, I’m fine, love. Just got something stuck in my eye, that’s all,” she lied.
“I know when something is wrong with you, Sapphire. I wish you would tell me. That’s what I’m here for. Dinner is cooking. I want you to come on inside and freshen up. I think the gym can wait for us for a little while. Something’s wrong and you are going to sit down and tell Daddy all about it.”

Sapphire looked deep into Antonio’s eyes. She knew he was being sincere, but there was no way that she could even began to tell him the ugly truths that her past held…
Sapphire was a single woman now, but she had been married before. She had lived what everyone else thought of as the picture-perfect life. She graduated from high school and college with accolades in both, obtained work in the world of education, dated a man three years her senior and married him, too. All of this occurred before Sapphire was even 25 years old. Excellent, right? Well, to some it may have been excellent, but to Sapphire, something was missing. Her husband was a preacher. That, combined with her working for the local school district caused her to put up a façade that she did NOT like. Everyone judged educators and preacher’s wives, and here she was, both.
Aside from having to be someone different for the public, she also had to hide ugly truths about what was happening in her own four walls. Her husband was found cheating over and over again with
different women. Some of these thirsty side pieces were in the congregation, others just random. His favorite type was usually a little larger than Sapphire was with a thirst for the “preacher” type. He definitely liked his women full figured. That was a blessing and a curse. How do you compete with a woman whose size you are uncomfortable being, whether that is larger or smaller than you are?

Sapphire always found evidence of her husband’s infidelities, however she forgave him time and time again. Broken inside and wrestling with her own inner demons, she decided one day that enough was enough. She contacted one of her old flames, Carlos, one day…you know, just to talk. Carlos was single and about fifteen years older than her. Their age difference was the only reason they were not together. Although they clicked in every area, Carlos felt that one day the age difference would cause a problem. Well, Sapphire wanted to cause a little problem of her own, and have some fun doing it.

Sapphire decided on wearing the perfect outfit for their meeting. She started with a red lace bra and panty set. She topped it with a black, v-neck, knee length bodycon dress that hugged her curves superbly. She selected her black patent leather, ankle strap heels with the rhinestone buckles. As she was preparing to get dressed, she bathed in a sweet-smelling bodywash, and shaved, EVERYTHING, from arms to feet. She applied a rich body cream and topped it with her favorite Bvlgari parfume, Ominia Coral. As she slid on her outfit and styled her ebony locks, she couldn’t help but to think about how much fun she was going to have with Carlos.
Carlos was intriguing. He stood about 6’5”, had a clean shaven, perfectly shaped head, a thick beard and he did not look anywhere near his age, as he lived in the gym working out to keep a strong, muscular physique. Yes, Sapphire could not WAIT until she was wrapped up in his arms again. It had been at least two years since the pair had been together. When she called him and requested to see him, he was taken aback. He knew that she was married and that she was a “good girl”. Well, it was in Sapphire’s mind to be anything but good that evening. She was going to pay her husband back for all of the embarrassment, all of the deception, all of the lies and she was going to have the thrill of her life doing it.

Sapphire grabbed her clutch, popped an Altoid mint into her mouth, took one final glance at herself in the mirror and shimmied out the door, not having any idea of what the night had in store…

Anastacia del Rio

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