Forced off course, undergoing a permanent change
I arised separating from familiar people, places
My mind erases the damage
Through the pain I managed to Emerge

Despair had me at a loss for words
Even the birds flew different
I was dispirited
The enemy attempted to steal my courage
Enrage me
Forget that I was victorious, deserving of God’s victory
I begin to unravel
Treading upon life’s gravel
Can leave you fractured
Dreading the rapture
My path was obstructed
Heart shattered
Looking in the mirror asking
What is the matter

As this happened, God flowed rapidly into me
Pottered the clay remolded me
Moved me out of my way
One day
I developed vigorously
My stance was unrivaled
Because he elevated me
It became apparent that my calling was upon me
Knocked down and resurfaced healed
A new deal
I became a bold and extravagant gesture
Yet a gentle texture
I proceeded towards my destiny
Knowing my father is guiding me
The pain was for the better of me
Eyes wide open I see
That all the betrayal was necessary
Those not here in the end, aren’t because they weren’t in the beginning
I believe who they are
Spoons are feeding from a far

Everything I knew is now unknown
I changed my tone
My thoughts
The clocks on the walls stopped
Delayed by my own decisions
On this mission
To obtain greater
Sooner than later
Provided blessings
Tears cleansed
Through the lense
I see the real, and deal
Avoiding the enemy
Wolves in sheeps clothing

Prosperity is my only priority
Grasping my reality
Fully reaching my potential
Accepting God’s credentials
Placed on my life
Removing the strife
All doubt pushed away
No dismay
I am who he says I am
His plan is evident
I am meant
To be everything I dream
All things are for my good
Count it all joy for he is in control
My role
Is to use my gift to bless the masses
Give life to words that meet hearts
So this is where I start

By: Grande Beauty

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