A Special Interview with Ms. Dolly

First, you are beautiful! Lol. Wanted to get that out the way. I have been following you on Instagram watching your journey and it’s been so amazing and inspiring. Congratulations on your ongoing success.
Thank you so much love!

My first question is, for the readers, who may not be familiar with who you are, can you give us a little background like where you are from, how old are you, what do you do for a living, do you have kids etc?
Well I’m Oakland California born and raised. For those who don’t know it’s the home of the 6-time NBA Champions Golden State Warriors lol, love my team. I’m 28, I’ll be 29 June 10 (yes, I’m almost 30, bites nails lol) and I currently don’t have any children, but I am exciting to see what the future holds in that department. I love kids and would be blessed to have some of my own one day. Right now, I currently work for UPS as a supervisor. I’ve been there for almost 7 years and my primary role is to teach, train and coach our employees on process and procedures to keep them safe during the job. I love my job because I’ve always enjoyed helping people.

Can you touch on your journey to getting to your heaviest weight? What caused the gain, how did it physically feel and what made you decide to start a weight loss journey?
So, I would say it all started in 2016 I believe. The year prior I had lost 80lbs naturally in a crazy amount of time, I think in like 5 months. It was an insane amount of weight to lose in such a small-time frame and I had been over working myself. I would workout 6 days a week, 3 of which were double workout days, I was consuming no more than 1000 calories and I literally had no social life. It just wasn’t sustainable. I initially lost the weight for my 25th birthday, so once my birthday was over, my mind set was like “oh well, back to my old habits,” you know? So, I went back to my old eating habits and by the mid 2016 I gone from 280lbs (my lowest as an adult) to about 350lbs and I was ok with it. I stopped worrying about what I looked like and started trying to repair how I felt about myself. I began to embark on a path of self-love and I began to find love for myself, my body just the way it was.

Unfortunately, the more I loved my body the more confident I got, and the more confident I got the heavier I seemed to get. I know it sounds weird but when I found self-love for myself, I always felt I looked good, so I didn’t feel like I had to lose weight and that ended up making me gain more. Fast forward to the end of 2017 and mi 432lbs, I have no idea how I got there but outside of the makeup and clothes and hair I didn’t feel good about how my body felt. It was no longer about how I looked, it was about taking it to a completely different level of self-love and looking at how I’m making my body feel verse how I feel about my body. At 432lbs I suffered extreme back pain, knee pain, heart problems, ankle swelling, blisters, chafing, boils under my arms, pre- diabetic I couldn’t walk far without being short of breath of feeling like I was going to pass out; my body literally felt like it was beginning to shut down. I just thought to myself like “ok Brianna, you want to live don’t you, you’ve done this before, you can do it again but let’s do it a little different.” So, I remember the exact date it was January 29, because it was right after my mom’s birthday party, I started getting my life back focused on self-love and that included my health.

How did you get the courage to document it fir the world to see and how did you start gaining followers?
What got me interested in sharing my weight loss journey was an Instagram page I followed @200poundsgone. I saw her share her journey and it made me want to share mines as well. I figured it would be motivation for someone to see that its possible no matter what size you are. I didn’t expect anything I just wanted to share what I was doing in the hopes of inspiring someone. It was tough at first getting use to be an open book and the negative comments but after a while, the support that I was getting out weighted all the bad.

What advice would you give someone wanting to lose 100+ lbs before they start their journey?
The most important thing would be to stay consistent and start your journey to self-love before you start your journey to weight loss. I think we forget how mental losing weight is, it must start with your mind and how you feel about yourself. It taken me years to understand that weight loss is not that the answer, it’s not the key to happiness, it’s not the problem solver. People get it in their minds “I’d be so much happier if I was thinner,” “If I could just lose weight everything will be fine” and I’ve learn first had that losing weight does not guarantee happiness nor does it solve all your problems, because if your unhappy with yourself bigger, you’re going to be unhappy smaller.

So, the first thing you must do is love yourself for who you are right this second, feel comfortable with your imperfections and embrace your confidence. Once you’ve done that you’ve separated the vanity out of the journey and you’ll began to focus on the health aspect more without the pressure of trying to look a certain way. I think I was much more successful on my journey this time around because I had that self-love, loving myself no matter what, so I took my time and focused on getting health. I didn’t beat myself up if the scale didn’t move or if I didn’t look like I lost weight, when you love yourself you being to treat yourself like a dear friend instead of a punching bag. Self-love is the key to a successful weight loss journey and staying consistent no matter what. You can fall off a thousand times, doesn’t matter if you don’t quiet.

What were things you wish you had known from day one that you feel would have made it easier for you?
Self-love, I wish I would have known about self-love from the beginning, it would have made my journey so much easier. I’ve done this weigh loss thing since I was 13 years old and I would lose the weight then gain it back, lose it then gain it back. I would be big and unhappy, lose the weight and still be unhappy because I still felt big; so, I would gain the weight back because I still wasn’t happy. I found once I developed a better relationship with myself it got a lot easier for me to be supportive and motivating for myself instead of being hard on myself or bring myself down.

What are you three favorite weight loss hacks that most people may not already know about?
That’s a tough one lol, well I would have to say for me in my experience I would say one would have to be intermittent fasting. Whenever I’ve set a goal for myself and I want to guarantee I hit that goal I intermitted fast which is basically just picking a certain time of the day that you fast and certain time of the day you eat. My go to was 18/6, I fast for 18 hours and eats my meals within my 6-hour window. Another one would be Low carb of course is my go-to and what I’ve been doing for the past 11 months. Low carb focuses on eating high protein high fat and little carbs, it has helped in getting rid of my belly fat. Lastly, I never workout without my @thebodyfixstore battle top. It’s a like doing cardio in a sauna for your upper body lol, it helps you burn more calories and targets problem areas like arms, back fat and fupa area.

What did you do to celebrate reaching your first milestone?
I bought me some new workout clothes and some shoes. I used to reward myself with food but that became counterproductive lol, so now I just buy clothes, sometimes too small so I can motivate myself to get into them
Describe an average Monday schedule for you today including what you ate for each meal? Example, I would wake up at around 8, grab a premier protein shake, caramel is my favorite, head to the gym and do 1 hour of cardio and 30 minutes of weights. Cardio is typically elliptical intervals or treadmill intervals and weights vary from leg day to upper body day. I’m usually done at the gym by 11 in which I get ready for work, if I’m hungry ill have a snack like a boiled egg. I work 12pm- 8:30pm so I usually eat my second meal around 2pm. This week my lunch was a low carb turkey and cheddar sandwich which is my go-to because it so simple and easy to make and you can make anything into a low carb sandwich wrap with low carb tortillas. I usually eat my dinner around 7:30 and this week dinner is pot roast over cauliflower rice. If I get hungry later, I snack on a piece of deli meat and cheese but that’s pretty much a typical day for me.

What are the pros and cons of sharing your journey publicly?
Pros, you meet some cool people, every supportive and inspiring themselves. You get to network and get expose to great opportunities like this one right here lol. You get to hear stories about how your posts have changed a person’s life and how you made a person love themselves, it’s an incredible feeling. Cons is the negativity I get for not being something a person wants me to be or expects me to be. The unnecessary hatful comments about what I eat or how be and disgusting I look. I went through an extremely rough time on my social media account in Sept of this year, right after I had my VSG surgery (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) I received so much hate and angry comments; it was overwhelming to the point where I wanted to disappear from it all for a while. I made a choice to not share that part of my journey until after I did it because one, I didn’t want anyone to talk me out of it and two, not matter how much I tried to explain no one would understand the life and death matter of me needing that surgery. Although I had lost 75lbs naturally this year, my heart could no longer carry around my weight nor could it take the any cardio, so I needed to do what would keep me alive. It was a low time for me but what I can say is the positive and support that I started to receive began to out weight all the negative and gave me the courage to continue. When you’re an open book on social media you leave yourself open for people to judge you. Some people will take the time to read the book and support, some people will read the book and hate you and some just pick a random page and comment on that lol. I’ve learned that you got to take the good with the bad and not take the negative comments personally.

What is you final Goal weight?
Final goal weight is health. I want to be healthy, I want to health healthy. If I can achieve that at 200lbs then that’s where I’m headed. I currently am at 307lbs, down from 432 at the start of the year. I lost 75lbs before my VSG surgery and 50lbs after my surgery still following my low carb meal plans and sticking to my workout plan as well.

How do you plan to keep the weight off for the rest of your life? How do you plan to keep the weight off for the rest of your life?
Well as I stated before I had VSG weight loss surgery in September but just like everything else whether it be a meal plan or a trainer, you must do the work, nothing works without work. How I plan on keeping off the weight is sticking to my low carb meal plans and staying active and setting goals for myself to accomplish. I plan on making sure not to go back to any of my old habits and stick to sharing my journey with the world because it does help in accountability.

How can people follow your journey? (Website, social media etc?)
You can follow my journey on my personal page @msdollfacedolly or you can follow my journey on my new business page @dollytrim which my New weight loss brand is

I see. You have a guidebook or program of some kind for sale, can you explain what it is and how people can purchase it?
Since March I have been offering 2-week custom low carb meals and workout plans that come with recipes and low carb food lists. They have been very successful in not only just my own journey but numerous peoples as well. In addition to my 2-week meal plans, in January I will be offering 6 months coaching as well. If you are interested and would like more information about coaching or meal plans, feel free to contact me at dollytrim@gmail.com.

What else would you like to share with those inspired by you who are at the place you were at on day 1?
Like mentioned previously I am launching my brand Dolly Trim so be on the lookout for that. In conjunction with my customized meal plans and coaching I will also be offering fitness merchandise, apparel and waist trainers. So be on the lookout for that mid-year.

Thank you so much for this opportunity and allowing me to share my story. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me or message me. Once again that you.

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